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I'm a yoga pants wearing, oat milk latte drinking, mama of 2 who's obsessed with teaching woman all around the world how to break the chains of their traumatic past, give a big f%ck you to societal expectations and create a life by their own design.

I believe in breaking the rules. I believe in loving your body in every season you are in. I believe in magic. I believe in kindness. I believe in saying yes and saying no. I believe we can have both our health and freedom around food. I believe in adventures. I believe in cozy campfires. I believe that you can live a heck yes life after trauma.

But it wasn't always this way. Once upon a time I struggled with a 10+ year eating disorder and a crippling mindset after years of childhood trauma. After years of living with a narcissistic father and allowing society to dictate my entire life, I finally broke free and since then it has become my passion to help every women in struggle. I found liberation and sis, you can too! So get in some cozy pants, grab yourself a spicy margarita and let's go.

the girl behind 'the nourished gypsy's' name...

Hi! I'm Robin