5 DAY Goal Setting
& Manifestation Workshop


Your time is NOW! Make 2022 the BEST YEAR of your life!

No more setting goals to fail merely weeks later.

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Magnetically Aligned

You've done it before. January comes and you set those resolutions but somehow a few weeks or even days later, somehow you lose sight of them.

I get it...

You might look around you and see other women crushing their goals and dreams and sit there wondering what their secret is. You desperately dream of achieving a life of your dreams, living in full alignment to your God given truth.

Fear gets in the way. Limiting beliefs get in the way. The discomfort of going to new heights seems scary and you are used to where you are at. But the only way to change is if YOU change.

It's time to unlock the secret to no longer giving up on your dreams and turning 2022 into a year of your wildest imagination. 


Magnetically Aligned

5 Pre-recorded video trainings to guide you from going from wishing to taking aligned action

60 minute pre-recorded goal setting and manifestation session

Lifetime access to the entire course inside of a secured platform

Voxer group to hold you accountable and to keep you motivated

What you're going to get when you join:

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How to get crystal clear on your vision and aligning your vision with your soul's purpose

Let's take a peek inside of Magnetically Aligned:

Day 2 is all about your BIG why. One of the top reasons many people struggle following through on their goals is because they don't have a strong enough why.

Day 1

Day 2

what you're going to learn:

How to set goals that are in alignment with your vision in order to actually manifest them.

Day 3

Tapping into your belief system. Often times old unhealed beliefs are the very reason blocking you from turning your vision into reality.

The exact framework I use with my clients to get them from the "I want" to the "I am" phase taking aligned action without hustle.

Day 4

Day 5

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I'm Robin.

I am a soul alignment coach & shame slayer.
I believe there is far more to life than living small
& dimming your light so that others can shine.

I believe you are meant to ignite the world with your own beautifully unique wildfire of passion & joy.
You are meant for more,
so much more than you are allowing yourself.

I believe that you are 100% capable of achieving your wildest dreams. Ready to jump?
Let's do it, I'll be right here to catch you!

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