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I'm Robin!

I'm a nurse turned soul alignment coach. After years of feeling stuck in limiting beliefs, I decided to go against the norm and design my life MY WAY. I'm also an oat milk latte obsessed, yoga pants wearing,  snack eating & nap taking enthusiast. My mission? Helping other women discover their soul's purpose and redesign their lives without societal pressures telling them who they "should" or "shouldn't" be.

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A place for millennial multi-passionate soulpreneurs. Filled with advice for starting over after leaving a career and how to turn your newly found purpose into a career that you adore.

My best tips and tricks for healing limiting beliefs, breaking free from trauma, finding confidence and battling anxiety and ADHD disorders.

How to heal your body with real food, how to never diet again and love your body, clean beauty and natural home tips and tricks.

All the behind the scenes of my crazy mom life. How to handle the challenges of motherhood, breaking generational curses, raising two girls, gentle parenting hacks and more.

For Soulpreneurs

The Boss Babe Soulpreneur’s Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe that we are already nearing the end of 2021? I can’t believe it! We’ve walked through so much in the past year and I’m just so excited to continue riding the wave with you all. No matter how far you’ve made it through this year, found successes or failures in your journey, you should be so proud of the whole dang thing. You’re doing amazing and I see you over there just killing it. I’m cheering you on right from my home office here in Florida. I envy anyone who gets to have a white Christmas this year. 😆

I just want you to sit back, reflect and remember all the good. Remember the laughs. The smiles. The tears. Remember all of it. And…you deserve to be celebrated.

As we close yet another chapter of our life, we get to show our loved ones just how much we care despite the curveballs that life has thrown at us. If you’re wondering what to get for that best friend or husband or office friend, I’ve got you! I lovingly bring to you my very own….

Boss Babe Soulpreneur Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Yes, I know you’ve seen these scattering the internet and all over Pinterest lately but this one isn’t just any guide. This is for the women who has big massive dreams and is vulnerably showing up through fear in order to make things happen. Whether that’s you or your friend or your wife, I hope this guide helps you find that perfect gift this holiday season. I’m all for pressing the easy button so let me help you do just that.


1.Work From Home Lounge Wear

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I am alllll for the stretchies and as an avid Aerie brand lover, these are the softest, coziest sets that I’ve ever owned. I promise you’ll never want to change out of them. Like, ever! Seriously! Buy them now. Thank me later. One for your BFF and one for you. I have them in 4 colors.

These plaid joggers your body will just melt into (plus I’m obsessed with the latest plaid trend) #80sbaby

Some of my other favorite Aerie must haves are these leggings and this bra (so comfy!)



2. Favorite Clean Beauty

I’ll be honest here, I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I’ve never really had a beauty routine. Until this year. I turned 37 and suddenly started feeling my age and decided that I probably shouldn’t be wearing my makeup to sleep anymore to dry my skin out. So I invested in some amazing (and not so amazing) products this year to see what my skin loved (or hated.)

Plus I hate facials so these are some products that I’ve sort of been able to give myself my very own at home spa treatement…and I’m definitely not hating it one bit.

Tula purifying cleanser & moisturizing cream

Primally Pure Soothing Serum and mask with CBD (amaaaaazing!!!!).

Vegamour Gro+ Hair Serum + Advanced Hair Care gummies

Vanity Planet Facial Steamer. Click here for 50% OFF.


3. Healthy Home Must Haves

Hi! I’m Robin and I’m a little bit what they might call “crunchy” with a side of hot messness. Either way, I like to know what I’m putting in and on my body. Plus my body reacts to nearly everything so I have to be extra careful. I’ve been ditching and switching for 12 years now and I can say that about 80% of my products that I use are considered “clean.” My husband who is uber stinky I need something to get that funk out of his gym clothes so I’m extra thankful for Rockin’ Green’s line of detergents. It does exactly what it promises: get’s the funk out!

To keep all the surfaces clean I only use and trust Young Living’s Thieves cleaner. One bottle to clean every surface of my home. And one bottle of concentrate will give you 30 bottles of cleaner. No lie! And while you’re at it, grab yourself a diffuser to huff in all that plant medicine to keep your immune system boosted through this season. My little power houses that keep us healthy all year long. If you’re new to the oil game, check them out. You can’t go wrong with this Premium Starter Kit. I’ve been swearing by this company for nearly two decades.



4. For the health and wellness junkie (ahem, it’s meeee!)

I’ve been searching for the best supplements that my body just loves and I’m happy to say that I’ve landed on some incredible ones. I’ve been playing with collagens for years but until this year, I learned about liquid collagen and it has been a total GAME CHANGER for my skin and hair wellness. Hair loss started last year (thanks Covid anxiety) and this has completely changed the game of bringing my hair back to life. I also have been searching for a greens supplement but every one that I tried made me want to 🤮 but I insisted on finding something. Phytogreens for the win! And if you are horrible like me with prepping your meals or forget to eat if you don’t have something ready to go (I’m talking to you ADHD’ers), I highly suggest getting yourself on some meal prep for lunches during the week. My go to meal prep service is Sunbasket. I’ve tried a ton of others and for the price and quality, this one wins HANDS DOWN! Click here for $90 OFF your first 4 deliveries.


5. Favorite Business Tools

I’ve tried and tested many different things in the past three years of my entrepreneural journey and have found some things that make my life a heck of a lot easier. If you do virtual meetings, podcasting or create videos of any kind, I highly suggest the Blue Yeti microphone. If you are into dancing around like a fool to make content for the Tok then you need a good ring light. It makes a big difference, I promise! My favorite is this one and it’s the one I use multiple times every single day.

Annnnd….If you are old as dirt like me and need to write your schedule down and can’t get into the virtual calendar thang, my favorite planner is this one by Erin Condren. Plus, it’s just so pretty. Don’t ya think?


6. Gym Must Have’s

Are you like me and need to carve in a good mid day workout sesh? About a year ago, I was more into things like Muay Thai and cardio but this year I’ve been playing around more with lifting weights and it’s been a heck of a lot of fun seeing what my body can do. However, I definitely need support with some supplements to keep me going. Here’s a short list of my favorite things:

Bucked Up Pre-workout and Pump (USE CODE: ROBIN20 for 20%OFF)….and don’t forget your Helimix shaker to shake it up in!

Owyn Vegan Protein (my favorite is the cold brew coffee and chocolate)

Muscle recovery fitness oil set (Click here to grab my discount!)

Apple Airpods



7. Your Favorite At Home Coffee Station

You knowwww there’s no home office without a home office cafe, right? I need my oat milk lattes at my disposal to keep my brain going. 6 months ago when my favorite coffee shop stopped carrying my favorite and beloved Oatly Oat Milk, I was devastated (to say the least) and after that, the lattes just weren’t the same so I invested in my own little espresso machine and it’s been a great substitute. I use the Nespresso machine alongside their Aerocinno frother. You’ll have yourself the creamiest frothiest latte you’ve ever experienced. Your own build in personal cafe right at home. Yes, please! If you don’t want something that quite hefty of a price tag, this frother will do just as good of a job. I love bringing this one on working retreats and vacays. Fits perfectly in any suitcase!


8. Mental Health Necessities

For any business owner, we all know how important it is to take care of our minds no matter how hard we try to ignore it. I’ve created some great resources for you to help you on your journey to a clearer mindset. Here’s a couple shirts from my shop that I love, some fun mental health stickers to put wherever you need to see a constant reminder of how awesome you are, and this brand new 45 page self discovery e-journal to bring you back and get you started on your healing journey. All from the shop of yours truly. 😉 And last but certainly not least, if you don’t have a vibrator (yep, I said it) you neeeeeed this in your life. Stop shaming yourself or others for finding sexual happiness with themselves. Once you go Vush, you’ll never want sex without it. Bring your partner along for the fun too. It can be a game changer for the bedroom. 40% off right now. Run, don’t walk on this one!!!


9. Weekend Boss Babe Style

We know we love to sit in our coziest sweats during the week but when it’s time to go out in public again and look human, sometimes putting jeans on (my least favorite!) is a must. Here are a few of my favorite things that I’ve found to make me feel beautiful and like a grown up when I can’t just lay around in my sweats.

American Eagle jeans

Madison braids (so dang cute!) 

Converse shoes



10. For The Witchy Babe

We all have a little woo in us. Some more than others. Are you a Capricorn or an Aeries? A fire sign or a water sign? Down to Earth or Emotional? There’s some great ways we can handle to ever changing planets and well, our moods that come along for the ride. I like to start my day by brain dumping inside of one my favorite journals. You can find them here. I then pull an affirmation card that I keep on my desk to remind me to keep going. And Palo Santo to ward off any negative energies around my work space.




I know that was a lot, y’all but there are tons of goodies in there for nearly anyone on your list. Just remember, it’s not all about going big on the gift giving. Remember the real reason we are celebrating. Sometimes just a hand made note is enough to just say that you were thinking about someone. That you see them and just how special they truly are to you. That impact they are making is everything.


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