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I'm Robin!

I'm a nurse turned soul alignment coach. After years of feeling stuck in limiting beliefs, I decided to go against the norm and design my life MY WAY. I'm also an oat milk latte obsessed, yoga pants wearing,  snack eating & nap taking enthusiast. My mission? Helping other women discover their soul's purpose and redesign their lives without societal pressures telling them who they "should" or "shouldn't" be.

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How to avoid burnout in your business

Anyone else fed up with people saying that burnout isn’t a real thing and that you should just “suck it up” or “hustle harder” when you’re trying to reach a goal or just get through every day life, but feel too exhausted to even put on matching socks?

Society says that we need to fire on all cylinders all the dang time. We need to wear all the hats if we are to be an acceptable modern woman – have a routine (namaste and meditate), eat those healthy foods, keep that insta-bod, get the kids to school on time, work the 9-5, keep that relationship alive and don’t forget to maintain some sort of social life (oh and don’t forget to filter and post about it because if you don’t, it basically never happened.)

I say, F*CK THAT!!!

Let’s be honest here – there is NO WAY in hell a sane person can maintain that sort of lifestyle. It’s impossible. Meditation is good for you, sure and having a routine creates stability. Healthy foods and exercise? Duh, makes you feel better. Family time and a work/life balance is important. BUT do you need to be going, going, going (going crazy) all the time?

No. No you don’t.

So what exactly is burnout?
It’s physical and mental exhaustion, a sense of dread towards things that used to bring on joy, frequent cynicism, anger or irritability.

From quitting my nursing career, relationship turmoil, to constant pivoting in my business – I have gotten to know burnout really well. When we first met, I didn’t know it’s name. I spent years berating myself for feeling tired all the time, depressed, and angry and I just simply couldn’t “snap out of it.” Well, we’re on a first name basis now. I know who burnout is now and I would consider us frenemies. I see burnout for what and who it is – a destroyer and 100% real.

First step?
Take a look at your life as it is. Are you able to find happiness or even a little bit of joy in a normal day? Or are you constantly feeling heavy, pressured to get the next thing done?

Burnout is typically not caused by doing too much.
Burnout is the result of living out of alignment with your soul’s purpose.
Are the things that you are doing in your life fueling the fire deep within your very soul or are you dreading getting up every day to check off another thing on that mile long to-do list simply because you “have to”?

Now, don’t you dare put yourself down. Finding out you are just burnt out can feel like failure – it’s not. It’s human. We are not meant to be going at 100 mi per hour, every hour of the day, every day of the week. A few deep breaths and a good cup of tea (or maybe a spicy marg) is just the thing you need right now.

Feel better?

Now let’s work on setting up some boundaries that might just help settle that fire fueling your burn.

Here are 10 boundaries to make in your business (or life in general) to avoid that burnout:

1. Get comfortable saying “no”

Stop trying to please everyone around you. If you aren’t a “hell yes” then you are a “f*ck no.” Bottom line. No apologies necessary.

2. STOP giving away your services and products away for free (even to family/friends)

Time is money and eventually you will be taken advantage of. Stop while you’re ahead and you deserve to be paid.

3. Create a set working schedule that includes off hours

Tired of staying up late to catch up on the few tasks that you didn’t get to during the day? Desperately need a mental break? Take the damn break. Just because you get to control your day doesn’t mean you work all hours of the day.

4. Schedule in daily self care

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Stop holding everything in. Feel your feelings. Move your body. Do something just for YOU that makes you feel good every single day and see the improvements it makes on your overall well being.

5. Time block your schedule

When you block out set times for certain tasks, you are far more likely to get more accomplished throughout your day.

6. Learn and understand how to batch create

You want to create a month’s worth of social media posts in one sitting? Do it! Monday’s are my batching day every single week whether that’s creating videos or social media posts or creating content. Write down your tasks and break them down into time blocks.

7. Create open space in your day

I like to work with the Pomodoro method. I work 20 minutes on 5 minutes off during my set work hours. In addition, I create a couple of 30 minute – 1 hour open spaces throughout the week. This allows me to go for a nice long walk and get a mental break, grab a midday workout or just breathe a little.

8. Let go of your need to control every aspect of your business (or mom duties)

This was a hard one for me, but completely necessary for me in order to truly grow. I wanted full control and that I felt if I wanted things done “my way” I had to be the one to do it. This is the main reason you are probably on the verge of a burnout. Let go, ask for help and I promise you, you won’t regret it.

9. Ditch the hustle mentality

Being a go-getter and wanting to hit the ground running to master those goals of yours is amazing. It’s incredible. But try to hustle in bursts. Hustling all day, everyday, is a recipe for disaster. When you work with ease and flow, you become naturally aligned with your vision, less stressed, and more focused.

10. Lead from a heart centered place instead of a place of fear

If you are working in a limiting mindset, forcing things to grow, you’ll never create the freedom that your heart desires.

Which boundaries will you commit to implementing into your daily life?

Not sure what your soul’s purpose is still? Click here and take my 3-minute quiz to radically discovering your soul’s purpose and how to turn your purpose into your own reality.

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Hi, I'm Robin.

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