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I'm Robin!

I'm a nurse turned soul alignment coach. After years of feeling stuck in limiting beliefs, I decided to go against the norm and design my life MY WAY. I'm also an oat milk latte obsessed, yoga pants wearing,  snack eating & nap taking enthusiast. My mission? Helping other women discover their soul's purpose and redesign their lives without societal pressures telling them who they "should" or "shouldn't" be.

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I had my birth chart read & here’s what I learned

Personality charts, enneagrams, the Meyers Briggs – you’ve heard of them for sure. Maybe you’re a believer, maybe you’re not. As for me? Huge fan. 

I truly believe these tools really help you understand more about yourself.  When I entered the world of coaching, I had no idea what any of these really did or meant, but over the past five or so years, I familiarized myself with every tool I could find that helped me get more in tune with who I am beyond the surface. I am on a constant quest for understanding more about myself as an individual – not Robin the mom or the coach or the wife, but the human behind those titles. I recently came across astrology birth chart readings. Intrigued, I dove into learning everything I could about the ideology behind readings. 

Astrology birth chat readings are not the same as getting tarot cards read (I have had my cards read, which I found incredibly fascinating – a story for another time.) You can look at your birth chart like a map inside of your soul.

According to Shamanic Astrology, each zodiac has different principles and ideals that we are meant to learn to live out in our lives. The set of circumstance that surrounds your birth (sun and moon location, birth lace, time of day, etc.) all make your birth chart, and therefore your life’s intention and purpose, highly individual.

Astrology can be intimidating – just the wild open night sky is enough to leave you in awe and then throw in vocabulary and ideas that are foreign to most and you’ve got yourself worked up already! Lucky for me, I have a close friend who is fluent in the language of the stars. I asked Luc to talk to me “like a child,” explain everything as if this were my first time learning to speak. 

I met Luc through a coaching program we both attended. I knew when I met her, she was going to illuminate my life in a way no other friend would be able to. Her vast knowledge of Astrology is astonishing and even more than that, her ability to communicate her expertise in such simple, gentle terms is amazing. 

Before we met to discuss my life’s intention and purpose (no big deal), Luc prepared my birth chart by collecting my name, birthdate, birth place, and time of birth. When I arrived, she was already set to explore to my universe with me. 

If you’d like to listen to her explain my chart in detail, you can click here.

Luc likes to focus on a life perspective. She explained to me that the left side of the chart is your free will, whereas the right side is your destiny. Most of my chart was all over the left side.

My sun sign is in Capricorn and is in the 1st house. Your sun determines your ego and identity. Luc explains “this is the sign that you feel the most comfortable with, the sign that you shine and it’s just your jam.” This is all about mastery and goal setting. Being a Capricorn, you are fundamentally responsible, serious, efficient, and rational. You are the CEO, the leader, likes control, practicality. Asking for help is hard for Capricorns as they view help as a sign of weakness. Luc explains that Capricorns don’t have much wiggle room, making them super easy to cross. They’re either good or falling off the edge, but not much space for an in between. Ummm, yep! That’s me. She also explained that Capricorn and Aries signs make the best coaches. Guess my passion was written in the stars. ? Seriously, it feels so good to know that this path I felt drawn to was already set for me. 

My moon sign is in Virgo in the 10th house – another Earth sign. Luc told me, “You crave connection with the Earth. You are very grounded. Similar to the Capricorn.” This sign is all about doing the sacred work, seeing the gaps, turning lead into gold, tons of focus, and can be socially “awkward.” Luc explained, “The Virgo is the perfectionist. The Virgo has to learn humility in order to calm down due to the fact that there will never be perfection in the Earth’s realm.” The primary objective of the Virgo is to serve and to be of service. They strive to make things all lined up, color coded in order to achieve this. Ha! Again, nailed it.

My rising sign is in Sagittarius. This is a fire sign. Fire is all about life and finding that spark that lights up the world. This means that I come across as independent and optimistic. Because of my confidence, I can sometimes be blunt and critical. As a rising Sag, you’re the philosopher – the lifetime student endlessly looking for new beliefs and understanding. The quote “not all who wander are lost” was definitely written about a Sagittarius. Free spirited, adventure seeker, and truth finder a Sagittarius is always striving to find deeper meaning and purpose. There is no down time with this energy. This is the sign that I’ve always been the most drawn to. I have an incredibly difficult time winding down. You’ll rarely find me moving slow without actively seeking quiet moments. In order to find the stillness for myself, I teach the importance of it to others so that I may be reminded of just how important it is to slow down. 

Luc explained that self-expression is a representation of the first house. This house relates to revolution and change. She pointed out that my decision to remove my breast implants and begin this quest of transformation is the manifestation of the first house. I mean that’s pretty spot on. You can say I’m hooked and truly fascinated by what truths I can uncover about my life and how I relate in this world. Luc was incredible and the way she explained everything just made so much sense. Luc really helped me understand myself on a deeper level. She explained that most people are aligned with their charts, suggesting that we are somehow guided by the stars even without a birth chart reading. Luc further explained, some people aren’t quite aligned and may never be, it’s really up to them to take the information if they seek it and do what they want with it.  She also feels that it’s a good idea to attend a reading with intention in mind. Connect with yourself first, a private moment of meditation or contemplation to clear the cobwebs and get centered before asking the universe for guidance.

Want to understand more about your birth chart? You just need your birth date, location, and time to get started. You can reach Luc, locally, here in Tampa or anywhere, via online virtual readings. Follow her on Instagram via @lucthecoachingyogi for inspiration – she’s the queen of yogic inversions.

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