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I'm Robin!

I'm a nurse turned soul alignment coach. After years of feeling stuck in limiting beliefs, I decided to go against the norm and design my life MY WAY. I'm also an oat milk latte obsessed, yoga pants wearing,  snack eating & nap taking enthusiast. My mission? Helping other women discover their soul's purpose and redesign their lives without societal pressures telling them who they "should" or "shouldn't" be.

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New Year Refresh

Well, we couldn’t wait to say goodbye to 2020 and now, here we are, January 2021. Let me tell you, my friends, while I love the idea of a fresh start – this ain’t it. We don’t really get those in life. It’s a nice idea, beautiful even. Magically, at the start of the new year everything is bright and shiny and somehow different. We stepped through the veil that shrouded 2020 and fluttered over into 2021, wide eyed and rosy cheeked like all the struggle and challenges of the past year washed away.

I want to offer you space to deny that fantasy. I want to offer you a chance to grow and thrive instead of diminish and deny. We have to be real honest with ourselves, whatever battles we were waging in December still exists here in January. There isn’t a restart button, but there’s an opportunity to refresh – a chance to take a look around and say, “Hey, I still got this.” Don’t close yourself off from the struggles you faced last year; you don’t have to drown in them, instead you can learn from them. What can you let 2020 make you a better person, mother, co worker or friend? And then how can you implement that lesson into 2021?

Last year, I struggled with consistency in my work and not that I didn’t grind out my tasks or take care of my clients. I mean the kind of consistency that feels like safety, the consistency that feels like I have settled into a path that fuels my fire. And I say “a path” because I believe 100% we all have multiple paths we will wander down in our lives. I feel my current path has seemed too much like a distributary, bleeding off of the steady constant river that encompasses all of my passions. I want to feel like my path is feeding my stream, giving it life, leading me, and guiding me. This year, I won’t shy away from this disconnect I feel. I won’t ignore it or shelf it and label it, “Struggles of 2021.” I choose to lean into it. I will focus on why I feel this way instead of washing the emotions away with 2021 dreams of better days.

Get honest. Share with me what you will carry with you into 2021. Let’s talk about how we can refresh.

Are you ready to get clear on what your vision looks like for 2021….to turn your ideas into actionable steps as you move forward. You don’t have to do this alone or know the how. Click here to take the next step with me in a free Step Into Alignment Breakthrough session.



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Soul alignment coach + Body freedom specialist
oat milk latte connoisseur
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Hi, I'm Robin.

I am also an ex-people pleaser, self-doubter, & chronic overachiever.
Where you are right now, I’ve been.

My mission beyond convincing you that oat milk lattes are far superior
to any other form of latte is to provide you with the tools you need
to build a bridge from an existence trapped in your own body
to a dynamic, passionate life thriving in absolute freedom.
You are capable of realizing all of your wants, needs, & desires.

All you need to do is make the choice to leap,
& I'll be there, ready to catch you.

Like...right now. So come on, jump!
Grab yourself a spicy margarita (my fave) while you’re at it
& let's get to know one another.

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